First day of break

It is Friday finally! Normally I would be excited cause then I have the weekend to chill but today starts spring break, so no school to do next week. This year’s spring break is different because we are quarantined and we are on lockdown so we can’t go anywhere. It doesn’t feel like spring break at all. These past few days have been extra hard because reality is kicking in that I can’t go anywhere or see anyone. Instead of making a schedule of how my day should go I have just been getting up at like 11 or 11:30 am. I get up just in time to get ready and join my zoom meetings that I have been doing. I have been trying to stay involved with as much as I can even though we are in quarantine. Some things that I have been doing to stay busy is journaling, doing art, daily youth group on zoom, counselor meetings with my high school counselor and others on zoom, sleeping, playing the wii, and playing with my pets. Also a big thing that I have into is watching live streams and talks. Some of my favorite speakers are Father Mike Schmitz, Kati Morton, and most of all Meg Hunter Kilmer. They are all super great and have talked about many things. I have learned so many things about myself and the Catholic faith from Father Mike Schmitz and Meg Hunter Kilmer. They are both super wise and have a lot to say about a lot of different topics.

Recently when I have been doing my God time I pick a random book, chapter, and verse. I have been trying to find the message behind it and write about it in a way so that if I do a live stream or something I can spread it to others. I want to be able to read the bible and spread the message that God is trying to tell us. Maybe one day I can even start a bible study. I want to be an inspiration to others. So I challenge you, when you go to read your bible instead of going to a certain book just pick one by random and try to read a chapter and some of the verses. Try and journal what you are feeling and what do you think the message is behind the verses.

This is just some inspiration from Pinterest and this is what I strive to do with my new bible once I get it!

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