Holy week!

A little recap of whats been happening. On Sunday I cleaned my room and tried to organize myself in the best way possible. I then remembered that I had an old bulletin board and I cleaned it up and painted geometric shapes on it so it isn’t so plain. I decided I wanted to make it like a motivational board to encourage me in these hard times of isolation. I decided to print the 4 college logos that I’m interested in and as I was doing that I took a online campus visit and looked at the different colleges. Once this is over I’m still gonna go actually visit to see about the feel cause you can look all you want but it’s different when you actually go and visit. I also printed out some quotes and personal pictures of encouragement. So that’s been my project for this week and I’m still finding things that I can put on it. Yesterday I spent 2 hours outside and it was super nice outside. I got on zoom with my school counselor and a few other people and we talked about how we felt about the rest of the school year being cancelled and what things we did to stay busy over break. Then after that I joined my youth group on zoom. I ended being outside for at least 2 hours and I wasn’t burnt or anything. Today looked very similar except i just had my youth group today. I was outside for an hour and a half and I feel a little bit tan. Other than working on that I have started my bible journaling. I also have started a bible notebook too. I put any extra notes I take in there and I also put encouraging things in it. I also had to make a trip to my work so I could pick up a few things. As I was driving to my work I noticed that there was a lot of traffic even though we are supposed to be on lockdown. It seemed like many of the bad drivers were out. I almost got hit twice because people just cut me off. Also I realized that it is only Tuesday. It feels like a Wednesday or Thursday.

This is my bulletin board! It’s not all the way finished yet.
One of my favorite pages in my notebook! It might help some of you too!

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