Quarantine Life

For starters I have 1 month and like a week until the last day of school. In this case it’s e-learning. Recently I have been up late. Like I won’t sleep till like 3 am because i’m not tired or I can’t sleep. I think part of the reason is because I’ve been trying to reflect on Jesus and what he went through for us. A song I have been listening to a lot recently is How can it be by Lauren Daigle. I highly recommend this song I love it. Also i’ve been listening to 2 of her albums. The first one is How can it be and the second one is her look up child album. When I listen to the song how can it be I think of things that corona has taken away from me. How can it be that weeks ago everything was fine and then it seemed like all the sudden everything got shut down, postponed, and cancelled. Also if I would have known that March 13 was gonna be our last day for the year I would have hugged my friends, told my teachers goodbye, said goodbye to my kids and hug them one last time, and have good conversations one last time. Also a side note I left some things in my locker but the school is trying to figure that out for us because we also need to turn in iPads. On a more positive note I have been keeping myself busy by coloring, getting on zoom for meetings, playing the wii, studying different things, trying new things, and staying connected to friends. I’m determined to have a whole folder filled with coloring pages and drawings by the end if this quarantine.

My heart has also been very heavy throughout this quarantine. For the seniors who probably won’t have a graduation and prom was cancelled. Many of my friends and people close to me have been struggling a lot too. Even though we have been home for like 3 weeks no one is adapted. It is a big change and adjustment and it can be very overwhelming and confusing. I’ve never seen them this broken and lonely. I just wish I can be with them physically and hug them. I really do miss my friends and some days are easier than others. Some days I just want to grieve and be sad. Other days I can work super hard and get a lot done.

Final remarks: What things have you been doing to keep yourself busy? Do you have someone to check in with? Can you be a person that others can check in with you? What are some goals that you have?

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