Wacky Wednesday

I wanted to give this the title of Wacky Wednesday because it was a rough and crazy day! My day seemed to be all over the place. I got so stressed out that after one of my meetings I took a hot shower to relax me. I felt so much better when I got out. I even had extra time to chill before my Wednesday small group meeting. It was so nice to meet, on zoom of course. I feel like sometimes I get wrapped up in a lot of things and each week on Wednesday I can really take some time to chill and relax and just hangout with others. Like normal we started with happy’s and crappy’s and each person went. Then when we were done the one youth group leader said to think of one thing that is our most prized possession and she wanted us to go get it so then we could also do show and tell. I chose a picture and around the picture there was a letter to me. You can say that my most prized possessions are relationships with others and the memories with them. After we all shared we jumped into the bible and it was so smooth! We read Matthew 13:44 – 50. We mostly reflected on verses 44 – 46. The kingdom of heaven is like our most prized possession. The kingdom of heaven is super valuable and God’s love is worth so much, but we get his love for free. Verse 46 is so good because it talks about how far would we go or what would we do for our prized possession. I think we can all relate to this verses. We all have something that means the world to us. But how far would you go to get it back if it was taken away?

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