Changes and updates!

If you haven’t already saw my gallery go ahead and check it out! I have and will be posting extra photos there. I wanted to show my journal that I use for my faith really. I wanted to give others inspiration too! Anyways, May is mental health awareness month and i’m super excited for it! Even though this past week I have been having a hard time. On Friday I realized later that afternoon that it was mental health awareness month and earlier I talked about a saint to my youth group and no one heard of that saint. The saint I talked about was Albert Chmielowski. Here is his story. In 1863 he took part in an uprising against Czar Alexander IIII and the Russian army and lost a leg in the fighting when he was just 17. He entered the convent on October 10,1880 but just over half a year later in April 1881, he was asked to leave because of mental illness. On April 17,1881 he was placed in a mental hospital and stayed until January 22,1882. His diagnosis: hypochondria, melancholy, religious insanity, anxiety, and psychic oversensitivity. People considered his state hopeless. He later stated “ I was conscious, did not lose my senses, but was undergoing horrible pain and suffering. I entered the Jesuit convent but God wanted something different for me.” His diagnosis changed later after death to schizophrenia and depression. This change made possible the subsequent process of his beautification.

I chose this saint not remembering that May is mental health month because not a lot of people knew him. I think there was one person that was aware of him and there was like 8-9 other people. I chose to do this saint to tell people that they are not alone and you can become a saint even if you have mental illnesses, disease, etc… Also you are not your illness. It doesn’t define you and you shouldn’t let it define you or take control over your whole life. In the older times if you went to the mental hospital people would think your actually a crazy person or something. We have came such a long way and we know that when your crisis or need more help that you can go there and also there is many reasons people can end up there. It is totally okay to reach out and ask for help. Make that first step to recovery. Like some mentors have said to me, if there was an emergency on the plane and you needed to use the oxygen mask you need to put yours on before you help others. When you don’t have enough oxygen it can make your thinking messed up and be slower. So you need to put your mask on before you help others. This could go for many different things. If you are struggling yourself then you need to get help and take care of yourself before you take on other people’s struggles or problems. It can always make you worse, so you need to always put yourself first no matter what. Otherwise you can’t help others.

Another struggle I have been dealing with is actually my faith. Sometimes it can be hard to trust God and the plans he has for me. I’ve been asking myself and God what good is going to come out of said situation. Just like Romans 5:3-5 “More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us.” Recently with school I have gotten so overwhelmed and stressed out for a lot of reasons and honestly I feel like I am failing at life too. I know over time it will get better at some point but I just have to wait and see.

Final remarks: What is one are in your life where you struggle to trust god? Where is God currently leading you to? How can we move forward and trust God?

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