Final push

Recap from yesterday: My day started with me getting up and going to McDonalds for my mom and I. Then I worked on a painting I was finishing up for my grandma for mother’s day. At 12 I had the daily zoom with my school counselor and this week was spirit week and I came up with games. It was scavenger hunt day! I got the list and I told my counselor that I had everything ready and if she really wanted to that I could just run it. She was there for the first item but then had to take an important call. I continued with the game and kept track of the winners. It got to the point I had to improv and google more things for them to find! I then get a text and it says thanks again for your help you are a life saver! I always joke with her that I can be her assistant. At the end of the zoom she said I should bet her assistant and put me to work! I said I have been trying to tell you that! It was funny.

As of today there is only 6 more days of school (E-learning of course!) We only have to do e-learning on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The rest of the week we have off but we can also use them as work days and turn stuff in. Part of me is super excited because then I don’t have to worry about all this. The other part of me is stress and anxiety filled. I just need to turn everything in and make this final push and hope that my grade go up! I can only hope for the best at the same time! I am excited to be a senior but at the same time I am kinda nervous and scared for the future. I just have to trust that everything will work out.

I’ve been adding a lot of pictures to my gallery if you haven’t checked it out recently! Other than doing art in my bible and taking notes in my bible notebook and school I haven’t been doing much! The picture of the painting is the one I did for my grandma for Mother’s Day and she loves lighthouses.

Final remarks: What is God asking of me? How has God been at work in your daily life? What evidence is there that God is communicating with you daily? What personal weaknesses can God take over?

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