school’s out!

I haven’t posted a new post in a while because of school but I am finished with the school work and now I am just waiting for the final grades to come out! Yesterday was the last zoom meeting with our school counselors. I got the idea to make a slideshow for my school counselor so I was hard at work on that! She loved it so much and she started to tear up and also I got emotional too! Also at the same time the staff at the school made a video for all of the kids and it was emotional. Today I get to go to the school to pick up the stuff from my locker. I can’t go in to get it and it is kinda sad but it’s to keep people safe. The staff went through our lockers and put everything in a bag so later I have to go and get the bag.

One physical struggle that I have been having is that everyone is sold out of nintendo switches. I have been trying to find one but no one has one or some people are selling them but it’s more expensive. People are trying to make a bigger profit by selling them for way more than they actually bought them in the first place! I took a break from writing up the blog but I was able to finally to order a switch from the Best Buy website and it is supposed to be here next week! I will probably post again tomorrow or soon. Today just felt short too!

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