Bible Journaling supplies!

So a few people were asking me where I got my supplies and what I use to bible journal. I will post the pictures below. For my bible I have the Holy bible, The catholic journaling bible. I got mine from and the tabs that I have are from amazon. I use different pens and pencils so that is up to you! The makers I use are the Crayola super tips. I also have 2 types of highlighters. I’ve been using my neon ones right now but I also have the midliners that I need to start using too. You can get those both at Walmart. Also on the side I have a sketchbook and a journal from Walmart as well. I draw my bible verses in the sketchbook. You can find my drawings and my notes from my journal in the Gallery section of my blog! I use Pinterest for inspiration and I also follow bible journaling pages on Instagram. So that concludes what I use to bible Journal. If I add other things or get a new set of things then I will make a new post! Until next time!

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