A busy life

It’s been a busy week and I am still busy this week! I have worked full time basically at my job, I’ve been going on college visits, and just trying to save some time for myself and my needs. I find myself becoming more drained and burnout. I feel like sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and then we feel more drained then normal. We really need to take a step back sometimes and recharge ourselves so that we can do other things and give energy to others. I also was able to do a hybrid retreat with my youth group. We did two hours online and then we were able to go to the church and have mass and adoration right after mass. That definitely helped to remind me that I am in a community with my youth group and that they are people I can always go to for the faith.

On a day like this where I have the day off I make sure to sleep in if I need to cause I have been feeling tired with working almost constantly. Later today I am going to work but I am going with my coworker just so we can chill out and do some bowling and later tag! I think that friendships are very important especially during this time. We should make sure to check on them and to let them know that we are there for them no matter what. I think it is also helpful to try and go out if that is possible. I know in some cases that is kinda hard but if you ever get the opportunity to I would definitely take it. Also it is nice to just get out of the house sometimes.

On a more professional note I have been thinking about what I want to do in college and I am leaning more towards being a therapist. I used to always tell my school counselor that I wanted to be like her and kinda follow what she did and she was so excited and happy. I can do the same thing as a therapist but I don’t have to deal with scheduling for classes. So if you are reading this I still hope you are excited! I could say a lot more but I’m going to keep it short and sweet. As for what college I am going to that is still undecided but it’s a work in progress I am still weighing the pro’s and con’s. I will definitely make an announcement later when it gets closer to the time for me to head off to college. In the mean time you can watch this TikTok that I made a few days ago!

Final remarks: Go text a friend and see what they are up to! Maybe have a conversation or maybe you can spark a good conversation! Let them know you are there for them. Remember if you get the opportunity to get out of the house at all do it even if you have to social distance it is so worth it!

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