I have finally made myself sit down and write this blog post. I was going to write a blog post on the way to Chain O’ Lakes with my youth group but I didn’t want to take my laptop or anything else. Yesterday we had a kickball game for youth group and it was raining all day basically but it finally cleared up so we could all play kickball. At first I just wanted to watch and hangout but EVERYONE was playing so I had to. It was super fun and very competitive. When we were all meeting up before we went to the field to play many of us wished we could hug each other. It was definitely hard and like these are some of the people you love the most and probably only see like once a week. I know one thought I have a lot is when will we ever be able to hug each other again. I really do miss that a lot. I know for my small group we would always hug each other. Now that we can’t hug I feel like that piece of me is like lost or gone. Sometimes I feel like it only gets worse over time but I just have to accept it for what it is. Like that one saying ”It is what it is.”

Yesterday I also did some more bible journaling. You can check that out on the gallery page and the bottom is my most recent ones but I will include one of the pages I did on this post so it’s like a sneak peek to the rest of them that I did yesterday. I also got a really important email yesterday. I was nominated to be on a youth leadership team for the Fort Wayne- South Bend diocese by my youth group leader and I applied. Then when I got another email yesterday it said that I was accepted into the leadership program. I was and am super excited for it, so I can’t wait to see where that leads me to.

Lastly, like I mentioned earlier I am going on a canoeing trip with people from youth group at Chain O’ Lakes. We normally take a trip every year and it’s like our last big summer event before school starts in the fall and then we split into small groups. I hope that my group can still meet in the fall in person. I don’t like to be online unless I have to. Otherwise I would much rather be in person and see everyone that way.

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