Getting real!

So far we have been in school a little bit longer than a month. To be honest there are some days I just can’t believe that I am a senior. Of course growing up I knew that one day my friend group would have there own friend group and so on. Never would I imagine that I would end up ”leaving” the people that have influenced and impacted me the most. I know I will be able to see them again but it’s the fact that I won’t get to see them everyday. Never take people for granted because you never know what will happen or what could happen.

Next weekend on the 26th I will be taking the SAT test. (wish me luck cause I will need it also I am a little nervous about it.) Later after the test I will be getting senior pictures done! You will have to stay tuned for those pictures! Also In October I get the chance to order my cap and gown and all that. Its kinda weird to think that we just started school yet we are almost halfway to the end. Luckily I applied to college early like in the summer so I have less to worry about with that. Kids are still trying to apply or figure out what school they wanna go to and what major. All I really need to do besides the SAT is look and apply for scholarships. Especially since I am going to a private college.

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