New Year, Same God

It has been at least 3 months since I last posted on my blog! I got caught up with school, work, and other activities I am in. I am one busy lady. Towards the end of my first last semester of high school I got quarantined 2 different times and they were basically back to back. I was just trying to make the final push. I felt overwhelmed and stressed trying to balance everything and it just felt like one bad thing happened after another. I finally made it to christmas break and I am trying to soak up all the free time that I can get now!

We can all say that 2020 was a year of hardship and that it sucked, but on the other hand I think 2020 made us learn a few lessons. For example, not taking things for granted, being in the present moment so we don’t miss out on anything, and so on. Not only were there many lessons, there was also a lot of blessings. I know for me when we first got shut down for COVID-19, I wanted to become a better version of myself and work on my relationship with God! For the most part it started off pretty good and I was in high hopes! I was in good spirits until I found out that we were not going back to school. I was really disappointed for a while to be honest with you. Eventually my youth group and the school guidance counselors made the most out of it. My school counselor especially stepped up! All of the counselors had their own zoom so if you had any questions you could jump on! Like I just mentioned my counselor really stepped it up for her zoom! A few others and I would get on zoom and just all talk about whatever. On Fridays we would do game day Friday and just play games. It was super fun! On top of all that fun my youth group had a lot of fun things planned that we could do over zoom! It was truly a blessing to get closer to the people that I love and always have fun with even though we had to use zoom!

One word that 2020 has taught us is the word growth. With the new year already here I wanted continue with the same theme. So my 2 words for 2021 is growth and seek. I want to continue my growing journey but along with that I want to start a journey of seek. The word seek is a verb and it’s definition is “to try to find or get something, especially something that is not a physical object.” I want to seek God more. I want to seek all of the ways that he uses us for his glory. I want to seek God in others. I want to seek God in everything! The song First by Lauren Daigle describes this perfectly and it will be the song I start listening to a lot more!

A dear and close friend of mine and I are starting off 2021 right by doing a Fiat 90. We are going to start on Monday January 4th, so that at the end of the 90 days it will be Easter! I think she couldn’t have timed it any better!! 🙂 I encourage you to look this up you have not heard of it! I have never heard of this or done it before so it will be an adventure for me and I am so excited for it! You basically praise God through your mind, body, and soul by doing certain things and avoiding other things! On top of that we are doing the bible in a year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz from Ascension! I just finished day 2 earlier today and let me tell you it is amazing! Not only does he read the readings, He has reflections that go along with it! I took a decent amount of notes today! I look forward to both of these things so much! I am beyond blessed and grateful to have people in my life like my friend! My catholic crew is definitely the crew I want to be with and surround myself with! I also have a bunch of christian peeps too 😉 You can’t forget about them because they are such a blessing to me as well! ❤ ❤

I hope to be posting more as I start these many adventures and journeys! I need to set a new schedule for myself as well! I will probably be doing that tomorrow since I don’t work on Sunday for once! I have a lot on my agenda to do and complete for tomorrow but I am sure I will get it all done because I made a list for today and I completed everything! Anyways thanks for all of the love and support and I look forward to what 2021 has to offer for us! ❤

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